Body Contouring Procedures to Transform You for Summertime

With its incredible sunshine and warm breezes, summer gives you a lot of seasonal gifts that make your heart jump with joy. If you are planning to make the most out of this season, you may have already planned your beach trips and summer vacations.

But to truly enjoy the summer, you need to have the confidence to wear your summer clothing without a second thought. If you constantly worry about your figure and how it may look in your favorite summer attire, it is time to make a change.

To assist you through this journey, here are some of the most popular procedures for summer body contouring offered by Brown Plastic Surgery in Middlebury, CT. By learning more about these body contouring options, you can how you can safely and effectively obtain your ideal summer figure!


As one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, liposuction does not need much introduction to those who know about body contouring. But if you are considering body contouring options for the first time, you would be delighted to know that the procedure can eliminate stubborn, exercise-resistant fat from various areas of your body.

Categorized as a surgery, liposuction should only be performed by board-certified plastic surgeons. During this process, they use specialized equipment to remove excess fat from your area of concern to create a more desired contour. Once the recovery period is over, you are ready to show off your toned figure.

Tummy Tuck

An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck in Middlebury, CT can remove excess skin and fat to give you your desired summer body contour. Through a targeted, effective, and safe surgery, your Dr. Brown can trim loose layers of skin and fat around your abdomen. At the same time, he can also repair your abdominal muscles to restore tone.

Tummy tucks deliver a firm appearance to your abdomen to give you a boost of confidence. As a result, you can flaunt your new figure under the sun without worry. But it is important to remember that  although a tummy tuck can be combined with liposuction to deliver remarkable results, is not an alternative to losing weight.

Breast Lift

If you are conscious about the look of sagging breasts due to pregnancy, weight loss, or the effects of aging, getting a breast lift in Middlebury, CT can help restore perky breasts. During this surgery, Dr. Brown removes excess skin and breast tissue. Your areolae and nipples are also repositioned to give your breasts a more youthful-looking appearance.

When performed by a qualified plastic surgeon, the procedure can help you feel more confident in your bathing suit and summer clothing.. If you want to enhance the shape and size of your breasts, you can opt for a breast lift with implants. This combination procedure provides you with lift as well as increased volume to boost your summertime curves.

Consult Dr. Brown for Summer Body Contouring in Connecticut

With several body contouring procedures to choose from, it can be daunting to select something that truly works for your concerns. Through his extensive expertise and experience, Dr. Wilfred Brown understands your aesthetic goals and directs you towards those procedures that help you obtain the figure of your dreams.

Whether you need detailed advice or feel ready to talk about a specific procedure, schedule your consultation today by contacting us online or calling us at (203) 758-2564. We will be glad to discuss your objectives and assist you in achieving them without any delay.